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Sugaring Facials


A sugaring experience designed for your face!

The answer is simple when it comes to giving the best experience we can with facials – we’re here to help you look your absolute best and have found that facial sugaring is one of the best ways to do exactly that! Here are some of our offers:

  • Chin – 10 minutes – $20
  • Eyebrow – 15 minutes – $20
  • Lip – 10 minutes – $20
  • Neck – 10 minutes – $20
  • Full Facial – 60 minutes – $70
  • 2 Facial Services $30

FAQ About Our Facials

Some say it was Egypt – others say it was Sumerian – we say it’s the most effective hair removal treatment past, present, and future!

Is Sugaring better than waxing?

Yes! Of course – we’re a little biased – but we have tried them both! Sugaring tends to remove hair without pulling the skin nearly as aggressively as waxing! Because of this, some would even argue that sugaring removes dead skin cells – which are bad for you and keeps the lives cells intact – something waxing cannot boast! Come on in – try it out!

Is sugaring painful?

Hair removal, at least during the process – no matter what you do to remove hair is going to have some degree of pain! Because sugaring focuses on the process of removing hair in the direction of the hairs growth, and because the sugar only adheres to the skin well enough to grasp the hair, it’s been known to be significantly less painful than many other forms of hair removal!

How often should I be sugared?

Hair typically grows on your body in a six-week cycle! Because of this – we recommend that you come on in at least once every month for the first three months so we stay ahead of the growth cycle for you!

Is it permanent?

No, it is not permanent. As we don’t directly damage the hair follicles or the skin in a way that causes the follicle to grow over (causing ingrown hairs) as waxing does, you’re going to have to stay on top of your hairs growth cycle.

Safe while pregnant?

It’s ALWAYS in your best interest to get your doctors advice first, but we’ve been told that as long as you’re past your first trimester in a healthy pregnancy, you’ll be alright to sugar. We should note though – you may be a little more sensitive than normal!

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