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Body Sugaring


Drop. That. Razor!

Hair removal doesn’t have to be a sticky situation. Get sugared and have smooth skin for weeks to come. We will make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed and most importantly, leave feeling smooth.


Our Sugaring Services


Whether it’s your first time – or your 80th time we have a Brazilian Solution for everyone! It is the bread and of our Business and something we have been specializing in for years! First time Brazilian $65 First time Brazilian and Underarms $80 Monthly Brazilian Maintenance – $55


It’s time we helped you feel your freshest, and smoothest with our exclusive Legs package designed specifically to leave your legs feeling their absolute best! Upper Legs with Bikini – $90 Lower Legs with Bikini – $70 Full Legs with Bikini $140 Upper Legs – $70 Upper legs with Bikini+ (Sides, top, between, butt) $100 Full Leg with Brazilian $155 Lower legs with Brazilian $95 Full legs $110 Lower leg & Bikini plus $80 Lower Legs – $50


We’re experts when it comes to the face! Of course, the most visible part of your body should be treated differently! Every sugar is as unique as the person and we’re excited to help you look your best! Our “Pick two special” (chin, lip, brows) – $30 Eyebrow – $20 Neck – $20 Lip – $20

Rest Of Body

We actually do the rest of the female figure as well – if it has hair, we will go there! Here are some of the places and the rates: Women’s buttock – $15 Neck – $15 Half Arm with underarm – $55 Half Arm (top or bottom) $30 Full Arm with Underarm – $65


Tattoos are sensitive and sometimes even a little tricky – which is why we’re specialists! Sugaring makes the tattoo look like new because it removes all the dead skin! We will do tattoed areas but it is done on a by quote basis – give us a call – we would love to see what we can do!

Brazilian Sugaring Combo Packages

Designed to help you take care of everything in one visit and save you some money!

Combo 1

30 Minute Treatment | Brazilian and Underarms | Monthly Maintenance special | $70

Combo 2

50 Minute Treatment | Brazilian and Half Arms | $80

Combo 3

1 Hour 20 Minute Treatment | Brazilian, Lower Legs, and underarms | $145

Combo 4

1 hour 20-minute treatment | Brazilian, Upper Legs, Underarms | $145

Combo 5

45 Minute Treatment | Brazilian, Underarms, Eyebrows | $90

Combo 6

2-hour 30-minute treatment | Brazilian, underarms, full arms, full legs | $210

FAQ About Sugaring

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about body sugaring.

Is Sugaring better than waxing?

Yes! Of course – we’re a little biased – but we have tried them both! Sugaring tends to remove hair without pulling the skin nearly as aggressively as waxing! Because of this, sugaring removes dead skin cells. That’s why your skin is so soft after sugaring! Come on in – try it out!

Is sugaring painful?

Hair removal, at least during the process – no matter what you do to remove hair is going to have some degree of ouch! Because sugaring focuses on the process of removing hair in the direction of the hairs growth, and because the sugar only adheres to the hair and not the skin, it’s been known to be significantly less painful than many other forms of hair removal!

How often should I be sugared?

Hair typically grows on your body in a four-week cycle. Because of this – we recommend that you come on in at least once every month so we stay ahead of the growth cycle for you.

Is it permanent?

No, nothing is. As we don’t directly damage the hair follicles or the skin in a way that causes the follicle to grow over (causing ingrown hairs) as waxing does, you’re going to have to stay on top of your hairs growth cycle.

Safe while pregnant?

Absolutely it is! I can sugar you right up to the day baby comes. I have the most unique way of sugaring you…. it’s almost painless! I would suggest coming once you know you are pregnant.

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