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A Tradition of Excellence

Our company was founded on a tradition of pride and excellence. While much has changed about us over the years, that legacy remains with us at every turn. It’s what governs our business practices—and what lets our services shine. We are committed to meeting the highest of industry standards. Up-to-date training, regular professional development, continual organizational improvements: We spare no expense in upholding our reputation and staying at the peak of our craft.

Our clients have come to expect the very best from us, and we think you should be able to as well.


Why I started sugaring

I had been sugared for 12 years.

I had 3 lovely sugarers at that time. Each one of them wanted me to sugar, I denied them for 12 years. In that 12th year I got really sick, I was off work for quite some time. A very dear wonderful friend brought me a book. On how to change your job or career in 48 days. Dan Miller Christian author.

I read that book and I understood what the author was saying. Until I came to the last page halfway down. I no longer understood what the author was saying to me. I closed the book and I cried. And I said God you’ve got a good sense of humour …. now I have to go back to work...

I went to Hannah to be sugared, I was tired, and I finally asked Hannah please tell me about this business… I’m tired.

Hannah told me about the business, and I listened, and I can still remember becoming numb from my head to my toes. I came home and asked my husband if he would listen to something. And I told my husband all about the sugaring business and the book I read...he was very quiet and listened. Then he got up and I asked him where he was going. He said I’ll be right back, he brought up my MacBook. I asked him what he was doing with my MacBook, and he said we must find you a bed so you can start to sugar. He said, don’t you see Heather this is who you are... Larry found a spa bed for sale.... I called to see if it was sold yet..

The man said, it’s still for sale.

We went to look at the bed. The bed was custom made for them….the bed was used once. The wife was pregnant, they decided they would not open the business. They put the bed into the garage for 12 years…

The bed was perfect height for me to sugar.

This is the same bed I’m still using today! That bed was made for me!

God does provide!I couldn’t believe all this, as I denied Sugaring as a business for 12 years.

I took the weekend course...

I learned nothing about Sugaring, only about the skin. I had sugar in my hand for one hour out of that whole weekend. I came home defeated.

I needed to get out of my job, so I was determined to learn how to sugar. And I started sugaring my legs until I knew how to get that sugar on and get the sugar off…I started sugaring my arms, my underarms... I was doing it I was learning to sugar.

Then I started my Brazilian and that was more difficult than legs I can tell you that.

It takes about 2 years to really know how to sugar. It is a trade.

But I had to do it all on my own …., my other sugaring gals couldn’t help me…everyone was so busy.

Starting my own business was exciting and terrifying at the same time... could I really do this??

Through all the tears in the beginning I became one of the best sugarest.

God knew what he was doing.

In May of 2023 it will be 13 years... I still enjoy sugaring my ladies!!

If you have a dream… go for it!!!

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