In a previous article, we talked about some of the reasons body sugaring is better than waxing. However, there are still some very interesting things to talk about in the world of hair removal. Today we will cover some of the fundamental differences between body sugaring and body waxing. This article will give you the tools needed to make an educated decision for removing unwanted hair.

Hair Removal and the Options Available

Hair removal is something that has been around for centuries in various forms. Conventionally, most people shave and trim. Unfortunately, this is not the most effective means of removing hair for a long period of time since the root of the hair follicle remains intact and grows back stronger. Additionally, shaving isn’t always the safest and most effective option. Therefore, many of us look towards the more effective methods such as waxing and sugaring for hair removal. These methods are both somewhat similar and maintain similar results.

Just to clarify in case you were still learning, waxing and sugaring are not the same, however, and they have some important differences. And in this article, we will cover some of the main reasons you might consider body sugaring instead of waxing for your hair removal solution.


Something not everyone considers is the build-up of bacteria within a pool of hot wax. This is a breeding ground for bacteria and may lead to unwanted reactions, infections, and sores. Wax melts at roughly 37 degrees Celcius, which is also the same temperature bacteria like E-Coli starts forming and replicating. That is just one of the many, whereas sugaring has simple ingredients applied just over room temperature. That way you can rest assured you are mitigating a fair amount of risk in comparison.


Body sugaring is actually much faster than waxing (at least when we do it). This is great for someone with a busy schedule or someone who just wants to get it over with quickly. Body sugaring through us is also cheap than most waxing solutions. Therefore you are not only saving time, but you’re saving money too!


Body sugaring removes with the grain of your body hair, allowing a more gentle and easier route for your hair to be removed at the root. We use a ball method rather than strips for a more effective approach as well. With this, the root is actually removed, rather than broken. With body waxing, the hair is removed in the opposite direction and much more viciously. This breaks the root and doesn’t fully remove your hair, therefore allowing your hair to grow back faster.


These are just some of the many reasons you would benefit more from body sugaring rather than waxing. The majority of people are switching to body sugaring for a reason, and hopefully, this article helps show you exactly what’s changing their mind. With this, we can agree that body sugaring is more clean, effective, and efficient. So stay tuned for more articles, and let us know what else you would enjoy reading about. Also for some extra reading material, here is a neat article about hair removal options available.