Body sugaring is a rising and booming trend in Calgary and Ditsbury. Also with summer coming in hot, hair removal is on peoples to-do lists. So with a rising trend, come many questions.

Does body sugaring hurt? Is body sugaring better than waxing? What kind of chemicals are in body sugar? Is body sugaring expensive? What makes body sugaring so special?

Our main concern today is why you should use body sugaring techniques rather than waxing. Also, if you are curious about other skin care topics, check out our last post on lifestyle habits that affect your skin.

Alright, let’s talk about body sugaring and it’s various benefits and advantages as a hair removal technique. There are a fair amount of options out there, and this will hopefully help you find the right one. If this is something you have never heard over, there will be lots of new information to help. If you are more familiar with body sugaring, then hopefully you find something new while you’re reading.

Anyway, here are 14 reasons you should consider body sugaring over other hair removal alternatives such as waxing and shaving.

  1. Body sugaring is a natural method that has been used for thousands of years, even before most other alternatives. And it’s stayed popular for a reason. Most sources claim its origin was in Persia around 1900 B.C. So if you are scared of razors and don’t like the idea of waxing, go for a more traditional and less damaging method.
  2. Body sugaring is a natural method since it uses simple, non-toxic, ingredients such as sugar, lemon, and water. Other things may be added to it depending on the origin, but at its base level, all you need are those three ingredients. You could even eat it.
  3. Having its natural ingredients, body sugaring does not irritate your skin, at least if you don’t have a certain allergy. Whereas waxing can be more abrasive and shaving causes surface damage to your skin as well.
  4. Body sugaring removes hair with the grain, not against it. So rather than pulling it backward and upward, it is pulled along its natural path. This is beneficial in a few ways.
  5. You will not have to worry about rashes since body sugaring is more gentle. Rather than attaching to your skin and hair, the sugar only attaches to your hair primarily. Although if you have sensitive skin or a unique condition, this may vary, so consult a local professional for more advice.
  6. Body sugaring is dramatically less painful than waxing. However, this is dependant on your pain tolerance. Every person has their own threshold, but in comparison, either way, waxing would pack more of a punch. This article puts the minimalistic nature of body sugaring in sensible terms relating to how non-damaging and effective it is.
  7. Body sugar is applied at room temperature or slightly warmer, minimizing the chance of being burned in comparison to hot wax.
  8. The residue left on your skin from the body sugaring is easy to wash off. If it is a simple body sugar, you won’t have to worry much since it’s only sugar, water, and lemon. The wax from body waxing isn’t impossible to get off by any means, but it is definitely more tedious in comparison to body sugar.
  9. Hair Grows back finer since it is being completely removed without excess damage. Since waxing goes against the grain, damage may be caused or it may tear without fully releasing.
  10. Since it is more gentle than waxing and follows the natural grain, hair follicles are less damaged and you have less chance of ingrown hairs.
  11. Hair removal lasts longer than other alternatives such as waxing and shaving. So if you are looking for a long-lasting solution to hair removal, consider body sugaring.
  12. All the waste from body sugaring is organic and degradable. Whereas shaving with disposable razors leaves a more substantial footprint.
  13. Body sugaring can be done much faster than shaving or waxing if done by a professional. If you are doing this yourself, this may not be the case.
  14. Body sugaring may tend to be more expensive than waxing in some situations, however, it has a longer lasting and more beneficial effect on your skin and hair rather than waxing would.

Body sugaring

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It’s not just us, everyone is talking about body sugaring, this blog is a fantastic example of the rising trend of body sugaring. Now if you’re curious about anything that may not have been covered, feel free to contact us if you have any questions because there are a plethora of things to consider.

Speaking of, there is an interesting article about some of the pros and cons of body sugaring that covered some things we did not, such as body sugaring with an existing sunburn or rash. Give that a read of your curiosity still itches.

If this is your first time considering body sugaring, we hope this covers anything you were concerned about, and let us know if you would like to read more on body sugaring. It has obvious advantages over other alternatives, so try it out and you may find your preferred choice for hair removal.

That will be all for today, but we look forward to sharing more helpful tips, advice, and strategies in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned. If you have any ideas or topics you would like to hear about in our upcoming blogs, feel free to call, contact us online, or drop a comment below. In the world of body treatments and skin care, there are many questions to be answered and we plan on giving you the inside scoop to help you properly care for your skin and body.